Welcome to 2021

Hello and Happy New Year! Not quite the start we wanted but not entirely unexpected. Here in the UK we have gone into #lockdown3.

Like many I sat hopeful on the 1st January raring to rush into the year with gusto. When making my goals for the year I tried to make them Covid friendly so that should this situation continue I don’t spend the year feeling as aimless as I did in 2020.

Needless to say, that lasted all of a week. Don’t get me wrong everything can still go ahead but I was hoping for a bit of a push to start with, instead my best laid plans were adapted to include home educating my 6 year old daughter during the week day.

I am, however, still plodding along. This year will be a good one. I refuse for it to be anything else. I got really lucky this year and was awarded a New Writers Scheme grant with the Romantic Novelists Association for 2021 and I cannot wait to get stuck in.

As you may, or may not know I am writing 2 different books. A fantasy and a thriller, both have romantic/relationship elements so to have the support of such a wonderful bunch of people means the world. I am really hoping to elevate my writing and get to the point where I can publish one, if not both in late 2021/early 2022.

I want to get back to writing flash fiction and short stories to put on my blog, I am wary of putting too much pressure on myself though so these will be added as/when I have the time.

I would love to know what your goals for 2021 are and how you are adapting to the challenges we face in the face of the current situation.

Thanks for reading.


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